Our Core Values


The meaning of the word Vive in French is “Live” and in Spanish “Long Live”. Vive yoga studio was born out of the intention to keep the tradition of yoga alive and to create a space for students to “live” their practice. To take their yoga practice beyond the mat and into their daily lives and community. It is the understanding that the practice of yoga doesn’t end after rolling up ones mat, but rather extends to every part of life. An intelligent approach to the physical practice of yoga. Vive Yoga is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of yoga instruction to the Chicago community.


  • High quality and safe yoga instruction.
  • Each student as an individual and honors their personal journey.
  • Spiritual/Self-Growth: Increase quality of life through different mediums including yoga, meditation, breath work and different healing modalities.
  • Social Justice and seeks to promote Ahimsa (Non-Violence) through active Community Engagement